Lebanese French University wishes all our students and lecturers success in the next term.

Lebanese French University uses an open-source software called Moodle as a Learning Management System (LMS). This system has several modules within it including course materials, announcements, course outlines, assignments, marks for assignments, reports regarding success and competencies, and e-exams. It is possible to conduct live lectures using Google Hangout Meet. All students are expected to attend live lectures and follow the course materials provided. Yet, video recordings of lectures are also provided for those who miss live lectures.

If you say:

  • “I can learn independently.”
  • “I can motivate myself to learn.”
  • “I can spare at least one hour to study every day.”
  • “I can attend live lectures on time.”
  • “I have computer skills at a basic level.”
  • “I can find sources of information on the Internet.”
  • “I have a computer that is connected to the Internet at home.”
  • “I can use the Internet for communication purposes.”

then, you are ready for Distance Education!

Distance education begins with introducing students to procedures for accessing educational resources and systems anytime and anywhere without physically being on campus. An internet-connected device is sufficient to access distance learning courses.

You must be aware of all the online platforms offered by our university and also be able to use them to access distance education courses.

In Distance Education, following up-to-date course information and announcements is very important. The date and time of live lectures will be announced to you by your lecturer.

In addition to this, you will be successful when you study the course materials, do the given assignments and answer evaluation questions added to the end of each unit.

Distance Education requires the learner to take full responsibility for his/her learning. In this process, those students who can work independently, follow and apply guidance provided through these electronic platforms will be successful.

Even though the university operates an "open to all" course policy, our lecturers and students are always responsible for ethical and professional conduct when sharing and accessing course content and materials. 

Always encourage our lecturers and students to learn from each other and share information to produce new knowledge. When accessing course materials for learning purposes, ethical principles should be considered and the course lecturer should be contacted and their consent should be sought. When this is not done, the action of accessing the course page is unethical.

Please note that all the course materials, vidoes, audio recordings, and images are “personal data” for our lecturers and they are being shared with you under the current extraordinary circumstances. Information and knowledge provided to you in this process must not be recorded using any device or shared on any social media platforms.
We trust that our students will use the given digital materials in this process for no other purpose than to advance their learning experiences.

Live lectures take place on the day and at the time set on your weekly timetables for each course. These sessions are recorded and later added by the lecturers to the course page for you to access. Live lectures can be entered with devices such as tablets, computers, laptops, etc. In order for you to attend the live lectures and access these videos without any problems, you need to be logged into your NEU student email account, which includes your student number (e.g. 20202021@lfu.edu.krd), in your browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or any other browser your device may have). You can use your Einstein password to login to your LFU email account. You may need to log out of your personal Gmail account to be able to login to this account or you may add it as an additional account. If you do not know your NEU student email account, please contact destek@neu.edu.tr via email for help.

Due to the pandemic Covid-19, during the 2020-2021 First Term, all assessment activities will be conducted online. The most convenient assessment tools for each course will be determined by the course instructors. Exams can be entered with devices such as tablets, computers, laptops, etc. Asynchronous assessment tools will also be offered, especially for those students who might have an internet connection and technical problems. If you believe you will encounter such problems, your course teachers will give you the opportunity of preferring an asynchronous assessment tool instead of an e-exam.  This will be announced on LFU Moodle LMS for each of your courses by the course teachers so that considering the current circumstances you are in, you will have the right to choose the most convenient one among the offered assessment tools.

We are committed to providing you with the best possible educational opportunities using all the available resources under these unprecedented circumstances. Please be assured that necessary steps will be taken and you will not be penalized for any technical issues you may experience during live lectures or exams. Please follow our main page and your course pages regularly in order not to miss any important announcements.

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